Thursday, July 31, 2014

Welcome to Running Business!

You may have come here looking for books on how to run a business, or you may be looking for some great jogging or running equipment.

Well, we have both!  If you're looking for running equipment, gear, clothing and accessories, or business guides of all kinds, just visit our portal through these links and you'll be able to find products you'll enjoy from a selection of hundreds of thousands of items.

I'll also be updating this site with some great featured items from both categories, so I hope you find what you need!

Just a brief word: this blog wouldn't have been here without the help of online business megastar John Lawson, also known as Colderice. His Kick Ass Social Commerce for E-preneurs: It’s Not About Likes--It’s About Sales has been truly amazing for me, because it's answered questions many, many other online business guides don't answer.  Many guides I've bought have walked you through setting up my social media accounts, then barely did a tiny bit more after.  But exactly how do you run Facebook, Twitter and more for business? How exactly do you engage with your customers? Which social media sites drive the most traffic, and what kinds? How do you tie it all together? John's guide helped me draw up a great plan and, more importantly, follow through.

I've been going through notes on 900 pages from his guide to create my to-do list, and one of my tasks was to create a blog to tie everything together. This blog is the result of his suggestion.  Thanks John!